SchH3 IPO 3 (Handler-Owned-Trained)

May 22nd, 1998- Feb 8th, 2009



Torro doing a send out at 10 years of age.

Torro hold and bark at 10 years.

Torro is a large, powerful male, with fight drive. His enthusiasm and drive are second to none. Despite his power in the bitework, Torro is a very social dog, as long as you don't mind being body-slammed when he says hello.

In July of 2006, Torro fractured and comminuted his Tibia

 X-Ray here.

This put to rest the goal I had of obtaining his FR Brevet, and has left him with a noticeable limp.


OFA Good (GS-58931G24M- PI)

DOB May 22, 1998. 

Hold and Bark video from 2005 Nationals




Torro in his final performance at the 2005 USA GSD Nationals in San Jose, CA.

Above Nationals Photos by M. Hessler.

Below by Family Treasures.

There are a lot, sit back and wait for them to took us almost 8 years to get there......







May 15, 2005 at almost 7 years of age at Sunland SchH Trial

Thanks to Roanna Banducci for the great picture!



Torro von Lordon Haus SchH 3 IPO 3  OFA

SchH 1 (72-93-97) Pronounced- Judge USA Floyd Wilson- High SchH1

SchH 2 (90-92-96) Pronounced - Judge SV Bogdan Sergo -High Protection

Tracking 2 (100) Judge SV Tom Mitchell

SchH 3 (90-87-93) Pronounced - Judge USA Ernest Hintz- High Earned SchH 3

SchH 3 (92-93-92) Pronounced - Judge USA Anne Marie Chaffin- HIT, High Obedience, High HOT

IPO3 (90-85-97) Pronounced - Judge USA Jim Elder -High SchH3/IPO3 - High Protection

Participated USA Nationals 2005

V-rated 3x in Protection

V-rated in Tracking

Thanks to all those who helped along the way.

We could not have done it without you.














Eltern Gross-Eltern Urgross-Eltern Ururgross-Eltern
Ison Novy Spis CS
FH 3x Regional  Champ
A Ciro z Pohranicni Straze
SVV-3 IPO III SLP 2 SZP 2 vyborny
C-Treu v Schaferstolz ZM, SP/PS A-Arko v Grafental SchH 3
A-Citta v Schaferstolz HGH
A-Pana z Pohranicni Straze SVV 2 IPO 3 SLP 1 A- Bojah v Schoterhof SVV 2
Denisa Haeleas CS SVV 1
A-Kita z Maleniku CS ZM
Velmi Dobry
A-Racker v Trienzbachtal
SVV 1 vyborny
A-Canto v Lannefetal SchH 2
A-Aline v Trienzbachtal SchH 1
A-Halka z Maleniku CS
SVV 2 velmi dobry
A-Zaro Onyx Bohemia CS
SVV 2 vyborny
A-Bea z Jihomoravskeho Kraje SVV 1 vyborny
Elly Alexa vom Sun-Dara Haus

Argus vom Vordersteinwald
SchH 1 FH
Troll von der Bosen Nachbarschaft
SchH 3 (V-BSP)
V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH 3 FH
V Askia vom Froschgraben SchH 3 FH IPO 3
Afra vom Haus Feller
SchH 2
Kid von der Maineiche SchH 3
Flocke vom Entschenkopf SchH 2
Mystique vom Grunewald SchH 1 Vello v Blitsaerd
SchH 3 FH IPO 3 VH 3
SG Robby von Glockeneck SchH 3 FH IPO 3
Gilla v Blitsaerd VH 3
Hanna vom Grunewald SchH 1
V=Harro aus der Lechrainstadt SchH 3 FH IPO 3
V-Amie von Thuringen SchH 1