Michelle Kutelis started in schutzhund 17 years ago, with the purchase of her first German Shepherd Dog, Armand von Sandstein. A lifelong lover of the GSD, Michelle had to wait until she had moved out on her own at 18 to acquire her first dog. Admittedly, it was the focused heeling that got her interested in the sport, and changed her lifestyle completely. Michelle has been a member of several different Schutzhund clubs over the years, as job changes have caused the family to move, but she started out in the OG Tucson Schutzhund Club. Michelle has also been a member of the Tucson Working Dog Assn. (founding member), Granite State Schutzhund Club, and Southwest Working Dog Association. She has titled 3 different dogs, including 2 dogs from BH to SchH3, with numerous High in Trial achievements. Under the Kennel name Athos, Michelle has bred dogs that have achieved Schutzhund titles, and Championship titles. The final Athos litter was the C litter, of which 2 already have BHs. Michelle competed at the 2005 USA SchH3 Nationals with Torro von Lordon Haus, handler owned and trained.

In 2005, Michelle was elected Asst Regional Director of the SW Region, a position she held until being elected Regional Director in 2007. After serving one two year term, Michelle decided to not run again, as it took time away from training and her family. In 2007 Michelle and Nico van Arek " Draco" competed in the SW Regionals as a SchH1. Tracking was a bust, but they turned in a 95-97 in the stadium. Draco was 3. In 2008, Michelle obtained enough points in competition to receive the USA Sport Medal in Gold. In 2009 Michelle and her Malinois Draco, also handler owned and trained, became Vice Regional SchH3 Champion with a score of (100-90-95). While Michelle and Draco returned in 2010 to the regional competition, scar tissue and congestion in Draco's lungs made the going tough, especially tracking which was never his strong point. Draco was retired, and Michelle has been since raising a replacement for sport, Chuligan pod Cvilinem, who has a BH. Also in the wings is Krafts Bijoou, a young female from Sweden.