Chris Kutelis first got involved with schutzhund in early 2000, when he put a BH on his mixed breed dog, Putty. From then on, he was hooked, and a GSD puppy soon joined the family. Unfortunately, Chris' first few GSDs had bad hips, and he ended up putting 2 more BH's on dogs (C-Triton von Weller Haus and Armand von Sandstein) before having a dog with the health to title. Axel v Rolling Acres was Chris' first puppy to SchH3 dog, followed by Devious v Weller Haus titled from puppy to SchH1 (272 High in Trial) and Cody v Regenbogen SchH1. (277pts) Chris took Cody to the 2007 SW Regionals to repeat his SchH1. He tracked a V 96pt track in a nasty wind and dust storm, and came out second place in the SchH1 category.

When the opportunity presented itself in 2007 to import an 11 month old Malinois male, Mecberger Hegel, from Jan Skogster of Finland, he jumped on it, although weather and flight difficulties made it 3 months later before "Mauno" made it to the USA. Chris and Mauno did their BH and SchH1 (97-96-90) in the spring of 2009, and then tragedy struck. While jumping for a ball, Mauno hyper flexed his hock and broke a hind leg. With some diligent work and rehab, and the care of Dr. Balpal Sandhu of AV Animal ER and Critical Care, 7 months later Mauno and Chris completed their SchH2 (95-93-93 with no blind search learned yet due to his prior injury) in Arizona, High in Trial. A month later they obtained their SchH3 title at the 2010 SW Regional Championships, taking second place with a (96-95-90), once again with no blind search.

Fall of 2010 found them at the AWMA Nationals in PA, with a very respectable 10th place showing, and qualifying for the FMBB World Championships in Belgium, where after a very dissapointing track (Mauno was very sick from some bad chicken) Chris turned in a 91 in Obedience and an 88 in Protection .

2013 Named them SW Regional IPO3 Champions with a V score, and UScA National HOT Champions with a V score. They also tied for first place at the Working Dog Championship, and ended up Vice Champion.